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Graphic Design
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27 Responses to “Diazepam For Sale”

  1. Andrew

    Interesting read. I actually feel like I would be missing a lot of life’s subtleties if I wasn’t a designer. There are certain things that you can only notice and appreciate if you’ve got that eye for design.

  2. Mark

    I totally feel this article. When I decided to get into web design people said to me that I had missed the boat and that most people already had websites. That almost put me off in the same way as your professor almost did. (Sales!! - ekk). obviously these people couldn’t have been more wrong.

    I do think that life might be easier if every small visual detail of everything didn’t trouble me - but then I guess that that is half the fun of it.

  3. Lynsey

    This post is really interesting. It’s so true that you can’t slack as a designer and it’s tough having to be creative all the time. People sometimes expect you just to have ideas on the tip of you tounge all the time! I love my job as a web designer though!

  4. Danny

    Nice article. I can see what you mean about certain points you made :)

    After leaving college for University, I did a course in Multimedia, but found my self avoiding the design field when I went on the job hunt. I looked at the prices for starting salaries and compared to a similar level of job but in the development side of the WWW. It just never came close. Average starting salary for a designer around my area was in the region of £13,000 compared to that of a developer at £21,000! At the time this really mattered to me as I had planned on moving into a house with my then, fiancée.

    It was only when I looked at the design jobs that I realised just how competitive it is, and for such little money too!

    As a Bachelor of Science (not Art) I had very little design work to show from my course…making it twice as hard to compete. I gave up hope and settled into my new life as a front-end developer.

    Things are starting to change now though…I have been working in development for almost a year but more recently have found the desire to pursue my ‘design dream’ and get my skills up to scratch. It’s been so tough trying to fit in learning the tools needed to do so, and especially time consuming (yet very enjoyable) in doing research and learning that it will take to get my self up to speed with current trends and techniques.

    I have definitely seen a change in my approach to life in general as a ‘designer’ and it has been very draining spotting all the design flaws out there ;) but something that has opened my eyes and something that I know I will look back on with fondness when I’m sat rocking in a retirement home…………..sketching out a concept!

  5. nick

    Really interesting discussion. First off, I’m happy I chose to be a designer because my other option was starving artist, and I really like to eat.

    But, one of the main reasons I got into advertising and design was the opportunity to learn a little bit about a lot of different companies/industries. When doing research for new clients I feel like I’m constantly learning something new.

  6. Jeremy Davis

    Thanks for the mention.

    The main reason I wanted to become a designer at first was purely selfish. I was in college getting a Comp Sci degree and a group web app project came up. Everyone in my class could code the thing, but no one could design the front end. So I decided to do the design work and began to feel that design was more appreciated than development. I didn’t get any comments about the efficiency of my queries was or the elegance of my algorithms. But I got roaring praise from my gradient background.

    After than, design just became a passion and I’ve been learning ever since.

    Today, the reasons I design is because I feel like I can make a difference or influence others. I feel empowered that through design, development and blogging that one day I will be able to create some remarkable community somewhere.

    Plus, there is still that selfish element that others can understand better how much work goes into a well-designed website and not a well-designed database schema.

    Jeremy Davis’s latest post: When Do You Become What You Say You Are?

  7. Richard, Peacock Carter

    I was wondering about this the other day - I do get the occasional twinge of doubt, but it goes as soon as we launch a new site, or see one of our client websites generating the business we anticipated for the client.

    I think I thrive on the pressure of working for myself - I like being able to sustain myself through my effort, and the challenge of ordering all of the client work with the administration - I may be addicted!

  8. liam

    Great subject and a very interesting read. Yeah I think you might be on to something, especially with the point about getting bored easily and enjoying the fact that things are quite often busy/hectic.

    I think that there are still far more positives to being a designer, and it would take a little more then these set backs to put me off.

  9. Zinni


    I agree that often times good developers/programmers just don’t get the respect they deserve. Design is something that people are ready to comment on, which is both good and bad :) Thanks for the great article!


    I agree that there are far more positives to being a designer than I have listed here, otherwise I wouldn’t be in the business.


    Keep up the hard work it will pay off, I spent a 3 month stint as a developer with only minor design responsibility and I learned a lot from it.

  10. Frak

    Why I hate being a designer: Clients suck.

  11. kcato

    Great article!

    There have been days I wanted to through in the towel. Then, there are those days that I’m high off of some new CSS code. But overall, I think I’d be miserable if I wasn’t a designer.

    I’m constantly inspired by designers, and other designers are inspired by me too. Clients can be rough. But, being deemed the “expert” at something so powerful as design is the greatest take away for me.

    kcato’s latest post: No More Bust-It Babies

  12. Francisco C.

    Sometimes i wonder the same too, but what would i do? Certainly nothing labor intensive… :P

  13. Matt


    I am about to go to uni in 6 months to become a designer but after reading many books and articles it seems like a job that requires alot more work than most and certainly less money of that calibre.


  14. webz

    In my case, here in the situation here in our country, i know that there a bunch of different way path where you can choose, but since i live in our country, i decide to venture in world of web, the main reason is it’s a good paying compare into a different field, although not a good one, but well enough to support for my daily lives. But even me myself sometimes i started to think what if i am not a designer i’m not sure if can get a better job with a good salary, most specially if you are fresh grad.

  15. Zinni


    I know that there are a lot of “easier” careers out there for a person to pursue, however the freedom and radical thinking you are able to do as a designer trumps all those items for me. If you have a passion for design, I would try it out before writing it off. Internships are a great way to do this,

  16. Andrew Kelsall

    @ matt - Everyone has a gift, and if your God-given gift is Graphic Design, then it needs to be pursued on some level. For many others like myself, it’s about using your skill with the enjoyment of creativity, not money (although money is an essential need).

  17. tcwithington

    Thanks for the article. It’s helpful during the trying times to see that this though has crossed other designer’s minds.

    I personally chose to become a designer to allow me to work in a creative field. I’ve always been “artsy” and I needed a career I could believe in. Being a print designer has done that and opened more door with web design and learning to code. I’m never bored!

  18. BunnygotBlog

    Most freelance designers have to love it in order to stick with it. They often work several hours per day eventually becoming nocturnal creatures to their friends and family when working on several projects at a time.
    Or wake up in the middle of the night with an idea or solution.

    Often tedious hours spent on tweaking and coding.
    Never ever interrupt a designer when in the middle of a coding dilemma :(

    I do have to agree.They often don’t get the respect they deserve.

    BunnygotBlog’s latest post: It’s Showtime (A Questionable Day, Part 2)

  19. roel_azw

    better late then never
    i finnaly found this one nice blog, thanks
    Talking about design, hard to mention why design was always growth. There’s always be place nd space to explore with design. I’m not so expert in design, but i’ll always learning nd practice day by day,not to be interupt with other’s, but still follow the trends nd style. One word….Keep design, design your world :)

  20. Lucinda - Eightyone Design

    Really interesting article!

    I can’t say that there was a defining point when I suddenly realised that I was a designer. Even as a child I constantly carried around my sketch pad and crayons and that hasn’t changed much at all!

  21. Tiffany

    Hmm good insights. I became a graphic designer and a web developer simply because I wanted to be creative and get paid. Choices in the creative field are few unless you are the best, and then the sky is the limit.

  22. Jonathan Tenkely

    Great post.

    I am constantly going back-and-fourth on the freelance vs. agency decision. The change and unpredictable pace of freelance always makes a strong argument, but the social changes and interactions make agency life seem appealing.

    +1 on the “design takes a ton of work” comment. This job is much more than comparing one product to another. It takes everything from sales and customer service, to management and skill.

  23. Sarah Childers

    Good article. It is tough being a designer sometimes, but the result is worth the time put into a project. I recently graduated from UNI, and I started my first full-time design job. I love it, and it isn’t about the pay, but how happy you are doing design. It is a learning experience, and that is what I love about design.

  24. DT

    Great post. If I reflect back on my life, I think yes life would be easier if I was not a designer. But I would end up doing something I would not love, or something that I was not good add.

    On the flip side I believe it has everything to do about love, and if you don’t have any for what you do, especially design you should not be a designer.


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