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Graphic Design
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10 Responses to “Order Zithromax Without A Prescription”

  1. Samantha Warren

    Hey Zinni
    I really appreciate you featuring this topic! In addition to sIFR and font-linking, there are a lot of simple CSS techniques that really make a huge difference. Pseudo-elements (though not compatible with all browsers) can enhance the typographic experience for some and also just experimenting with font variety (like making your links a sans-serif while your body copy is a serif). There are so many possibilities, sorry I am just getting carried away… AGAIN, thanks for writing this, I am glad other people are getting stoked on web typography!

  2. Zinni


    Thanks for the comment, I agree that there are tons of ways that web designers can create more interesting typography right now. Pseudo selectors is a great example of a toll that can be used to improve web typography. What can be done right now is such a large topic that has been overlooked for far too long. I think once more designers accept that their typography might look less interesting in a couple of older / less capable browsers for a while then the floodgates of options really opens for them.

    I think I am going to have to put together a couple of functional examples to show other designers just what can be done right now…

  3. Laura MacPherson

    Thanks for this post. As a typography fanatic, I appreciate the thoughts!

  4. Evan

    As a developer I cringe when I get handed designs with “advanced web typography”. There are so many times where a designer or client demands a specific font on copy that should really be a web standard font. One example would be copy that has to be translated in to multiple languages. For each different piece of copy you are looking at cutting multiple images. It adds so much time and complication to a process that should be as simple as updating the html or database with new copy.

    There is a time and place for this stuff but so often I am forced to implement it in the wrong places.

    Recent advancements with tools like Cufon reduce some of the headache but until @font-face is fully supported and older browser die off I find myself on the other side of this argument.

  5. Zinni


    It is the job of the designer to know when any potential tool is appropriate. Everything is contextual, real designers know this and practice restraint when something is not feasible. It is foolish to write off progress though just because it does not work in all situations. Every client and project are different so I would urge you not to completely close off the idea.

  6. Thanks for this post.


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