Soma Pharmacy No Prescription

Graphic Design
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6 Responses to “Soma Pharmacy No Prescription”

  1. Thijs Visser

    ” When will marketers learn that design used to deceive is only bound to fail? ”

    Your conclusion is spot on, and we might generalize this even more to:

    When will marketers learn that deception is only bound to fail?

  2. Brad C

    That’s an interesting observation that by emulating a competitors brand you are just strengthening it. It certainly makes some sense. Even if it isn’t directly strengthening Starbucks it definitely isn’t separating itself from the competition.

    I wonder if there is any research out there about that kind of sheep brand mentality. I can’t count how many times I’ve had a client say they want something because a competitor has it on their site. By the time the site or promotion went live their competitors already moved on to the next feature. The client was playing a continuous game of catch up, never breaking out and forging their own path.

  3. Zinni

    Brad, in this situation both brands are asking you to compare their offerings. Only one of the two brands claims can be true, and in this case Starbucks is by far the winner.

    Nescafe should not be encouraging the comparison because Starbucks VIA was designed at a product level to be superior to traditional instant coffee. The price was never the determining factor, convenience and superior taste were. Essentially Nescafe is asking you to compare the products but not “apples to apples,” otherwise they would lose every time.

    I would have to think that at this point the consumer goes back to the more expensive superior product because they never wanted instant coffee to begin with. They just wanted great tasting coffee The instant part was just additional convenience.

  4. Claire

    I went to Selfridges in Birmingham on Sunday to take a look at a coffee machine. Like you, i do get the urge for a caffeine surge every morning - i am sat at a computer all day designing websites, so i tend to need to take myself away sometimes! Also like you, i am now hooked on good coffee. I was looking at the ‘Nespresso’ machines, had a taste, fantastic. There are 16 different flavours and they all come in cute coloured packaging. I would say get your work to get a nespresso machine. £100, thats a coffee a day for 1/3 of the year for a pound and 26p, (£2.60 for 10 coffee sachets).

  5. Jasmine

    I don’t really know where I stand on this.

    On one hand there’s your point of view which is very much about one’s social conscience, which is backed by designers all over the world, (have you read the ‘First Thing First’ manifesto? If not, you should, you’d love it! It’s written about how designers should have social consciences, basically. The original one was written in the sixties and I think they wrote out a new one in 2000).
    I feel like we are in a position as designers to be serious about what we design (ie. what messages would you want your children to receive etc).

    But how far does it go? for example, I know I wouldn’t feel comfortable designing for cigarettes and alcohol, especially marketed to the underaged, but I don’t think (not that I’ve ever been in this situation!) that when it came down it I would have a problem with creating a campaign based on a less-than-A-grade product, or even a product I personally despised because paying the bills and my kid’s school fees, realistically, come first.

    If it means money in the bank and you’re not putting anyone’s health at risk (whether that be physically or otherwise) I don’t THINK I’d have a problem with it, tho, as I said I haven’t actually been in that situation before.

    As Jonathan Barnbrook stated on his billboard:

    “Designers… stay away from corporations that want you to lie for them.”

    So I truly don’t know where I stand.
    You’ve definitely give me food for thought! ;-)


  6. Zinni


    I definitely read and discussed the FTF and FTF2000 to an extreme in college. However, what I am discussing here isn’t the designer’s ethical consideration, I am more explaining why using design to deceive is bad strategy. Ultimately I feel taking this approach is bad for the brand, and will be unsuccessful.

    Thank you for weighing in with your comments, I didn’t really consider how this article parallels FTF when I wrote it. I don’t think I would have a problem producing work where the message is weak, except I would suggest a better strategy if I had one. The one thing I would have a problem with is if the client came to me and said “copy this” and pointed to the VIA brand.



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