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Graphic Design
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16 Responses to “Cheap Alprazolam Online”

  1. Richard, Peacock Carter

    Some wise words: I’m currently working on a ‘work effectively with us’ package for new clients, particularly aimed at those who hire you based on your talent and portfolio, and are very swift to ask for Comic Sans (I kid not) as soon as you show them the first concept!

  2. Funnily enough I posted something very similar (if not quite as articulately) just this morning. I often find it’s a balancing act between giving the client what they ask for and what’s actually the best solution for the project.

  3. Richard

    Great article! You can never find enough information about how to deal with clients. It’s a never ending job.

  4. Brad C

    Great write up, and important message. They hire you for your expertise and part of that is telling them when their advice is misguided.

    One of the reasons I left my last job togo solo was because there was no pushback to the client. As long as you can communicate why you make the design choices you do most clients will really appreciate working with you and you will create better work.

  5. Zinni


    Thanks for the great comment! I totally believe that it is both an art and science to teach clients what is right for them. This is something I am actively pursuing and will continue to integrate with my firm’s process. Unfortunately change isn’t happening over night, but that not to say progress isn’t being made. I think changing your mindset towards client interaction is the first step, and we have achieved that.

  6. Mokokoma

    some clients can sure make you choose between communicating (what you’re hired for) or earning whatever you’re charging them (being dictated to do as client says).

    Mokokoma’s latest post: Skout’s progress and tips for growing an online offspring

  7. Andrew Kelsall

    That’s a good idea. I’ve been pondering using a similar method for a client request form I’m going work on soon.

    Should I start with NO COMIC SANS on top ;)

    Seriously though, I think we as designers needs to educate out clients more…

  8. Richard, Peacock Carter

    I haven’t put it quite like that, but something along the lines of ‘you hired us because we know what we’re doing…’ etc.

    Having written it, I came across this gem:

    We personally haven’t had a client drunk in meetings, though!

  9. Ovi Dogar

    Very useful and interesting information you’ve got here…;) Thanks for sharing.

    Ovi Dogar

  10. Dez B

    I’d like to add a paragraph to the prevention manual:

    “It is our policy to immediately burn all sketches, whether drawn by client, client’s neighbors, nephews or other wholly unconnected entities who are helping client for free, if received after the beginning of the design process.

    “We retain every right to completely ignore sketches provided when design services are first retained. Supplied sketches (or “comic relief”) may be hung in the break room in order to bring more of what designers call ‘OMG LOL’ into the workplace. Sketched website layouts involving primarily triangles are particularly welcomed.

    Client may retain copyright of all original, pencil-on-wide-ruled-sheet works. ”


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