Clomid Over The Counter

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7 Responses to “Clomid Over The Counter”

  1. Brian G

    Is it irony that I got to this page from a link from a Web 2.0 Social Media News site (DesignFloat)?

  2. rhetor

    While Web 2.0 is certainly not pure democracy, it is anything but an anarchy. In fact you could make the case that dictators have never lost their supreme voices, but now the crowd over which they lord now has microphones, recording all sorts of chatter, some of which is nothing more, as you say, than group think and sound-offs. You probably shouldn’t equate dictatorship with “creative vision” (unless you happen to a fascist). Creative vision and focus are of course increasingly important with the explosion of content. Editors and publishers have always had to shape content, and seldom have they or do they work in isolation. They must hold communal values or they would not be able to collaborate with one another or appeal to their markets, regardless of the management styles they prefer.

  3. Zinni

    Dictator brings the context of negativity, however I am not using it in that way. I am just saying that shaping these communities must be a necessity and there is a benefit to be had from maintaining control.

    I am not saying to sensor content, just that in the long run we may see the traditional content is more sustainable. If not closely controlled user submitted content can easily become endless spam. Someone at some level must monitor these things…

  4. WebGyver

    You know, it’s amazing how you’ve been able to put into writing what I’ve been feeling for some time now. All the hoopla about “Facebook strategies” and social network this and that is — in my very biased opinion — nearly pointless without some effort to reign in the random and frequently uninsightful commentary and contributions of the masses.

    Go ahead and give me a dope-slap, but in my experience, the type of “dictatorship” you’re alluding to seems quite reasonable and, I dare say, even desirable.

    Now if we could only find a better word to replace “dictator” and make it sound more palatable. How about Czar?

    Keep up the good work!

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  5. Adam

    Except for of course wikipedia =D

  6. cobblipt

    Thanks !


  1. Why the Web Will Always Belong to Dictators | Fuel Your Creativity



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