Where Can I Buy Alprazolam

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15 Responses to “Where Can I Buy Alprazolam”

  1. Jin

    I’m glad you made this followup post Zinni. I could tell from your original article, that you did agree with Art on core principles.

  2. neil

    there is a lack of proper design. its my personal belief that people who use per built CMSs in web design are resellers and not coders

  3. Zinni


    I can’t agree with that. Pre-built CMS packages have done wonders for the web, they have allowed robust websites to be built for companies who otherwise would not be able to afford it. It all depends on the needs of the client. If a pre-built CMS exists that would fit their needs, why wouldn’t you use it? Why reinvent the wheel, can you offer the same support and bug testing that the pre-built CMS has? In most cases the answer is no, or the budget just isn’t there.

    As long as the CMS is capable of fitting your needs, and you aren’t just skinning the default layout then there is almost no reason why you shouldn’t use it. Maybe using a pre-built CMS doesn’t make you a coder, but that isn’t what this article is about. It is about design…

  4. Darren Hoyt

    The real problem is that the content management systems developed to allow for blogging are so well done that they are being applied to everything.

    This is true. I’m discouraged more people don’t break the CMS chains more often. Tools like WordPress offer template tags that are so easy to use and rearrange, you could build 10 sites and display data in 10 different ways, and no one would guess it was powered by WP. Instead people tend to take the easy route and everything ends up looking similar and ‘default’.

    its my personal belief that people who use per built CMSs in web design are resellers and not coders

    I don’t see what the title of “coder” has to do with anything. A developer should be able to mold any system to his needs, and add customization when necessary. That is why the definition of developer has become so broad - you’re expected to be versatile.

    Darren Hoyt’s latest post: All the Way Down

  5. Art Javid

    Thank you Zinni for the follow-up! We are definitely on the same page, and I appreciate you taking the time to address this issue with your readers.

  6. Kirk

    i agree this article

  7. Zinni


    No problem, I thought that you raised a really good point and it deserved to be revisited.

  8. Lauren

    Wow! Thank you Art for exploring the technologies and tools web designers/developers use and editing your op-ed. I truly appreciate it.

  9. Elaine McVicar

    I think there is the scope to be wonderfully creative when designing a blog, and that it is an excellent tool to make the development easier for designers with less technical knowledge. However, I do agree that there are so many awful templates that have just been spat out with barely any design.

    Anyway - I’ve really enjoyed reading this, as well as Art Javid’s revised article. Given me things to think about.

  10. J. Jeffryes

    The Cookie Cutter article might be toned down from the original, but it still seems to overstate it’s case. I suspect some of the complaints are misplaced. Creativity is great, but creativity for the sake of being creative is bad design.

    Design is all about limitations and expectations. The web has evolved so that certain visual conventions are defacto standards. Navigation is a bar along the top of the page, usually with drop downs. The logo should be at the top left, and should be a link to the home page. There should be a contact page and an about us page.

    These are not shackles. These are standards. Users don’t want to have to relearn how to navigate a web page every time they open their browser. The creativity comes from creative ways of using and expanding the conventions users have come to expect, not from throwing them away. As long as designers like Art Javid fail to understand that, they will fail to understand web design.

    J. Jeffryes’s latest post: Woork by Antonio Lupetti

  11. Ron

    Who said anything about shackles??? J.J., we suspect YOU fail to understand that creativity and standards are two different things. Yeah we all know where navigation bars usually go (thanks for that by the way) and logos appear on top of the page (I almost forgot about that one).

    No one even came close to suggesting designers should re-invent the wheel by getting creative by throwing standards out the door, rather to break out of cookie-cutter BLOG SOFTWARE and create something unique from scratch - you know, being designers and all. I have followed this and other blogs for the past two months and the only people who fail to understand the point, are those who aren’t true designers.

  12. J. Jeffryes

    The job of a designer is to solve a problem, not create art. If the problem is solved by customizing existing blog software, then that is good design. If the designer adds changes that do not improve the function or purpose of the site, or have a positive impact on the site’s marketing, branding or user experience, then that is bad design. It’s self-indulgent creativity for creativity’s sake.

  13. Scott

    It is about money everyone. Money.

    My company has a custom CMS and it certainly does lend itself to ‘cookie cutter’ designs.

    And to be honest we can pump them out pretty quickly as we have honed the process over the last few years.

    A lot of the not-for-profits and small (SMALL) businesses cannot (or will not) afford a custom site.
    Our customizable template system allows them have a real presence that does have functionality, usability, ‘web standard’ code and SEO.

    Are they super sexy and full or bleeding edge functionality? No.

    But the can afford them and we can make a good living.

    And I definitely agree with J Jeffryes…it is not about art, it is about attracting customers, doing business and making money (the clients that is).

    How many times have I heard this in my office…I really think we could make this LOOK really shiny.

    Ugh. Shiny doesn’t sell. Great content and usability does.

  14. Jin

    Scott, since when did form, function, and profitability become mutually exclusive?

    Jin’s latest post: Presidential Design p2

  15. selma

    very good.. thanks..



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