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  1. Greg Wolejko

    it was a great read and I do have to agree with you. But from my client perspective what really helps in communication is prototyping

    I wrote about making prototypes some time ago and basically this is the very clear way of showing to the client how a site will “feel”.

    Prototyping can also greatly improve what you wrote about asking hard questions as while doing this prototypes can illustrate what are your assumptions and prove to be sanity checks along the process.

    Greg Wolejko’s latest post: Adding Events in JavaScript

  2. liam

    I have to agree with you completely, especially because I’d rather lose a client than go into a project where both parties will never come to an agreement.

  3. Richard, Peacock Carter

    Managing the client’s expectations is necessary too: if they expect their website/brochure/&c done by Friday, and you can only have it done by, say, Tuesday, it’s important to let them know, and to let them know why it’ll take that long.

    As with Liam, I’d much rather lose the client than wage a war that’ll never be won, but prototpying certainly helps, as Greg suggests.

  4. Ryan Battles - Web Designer

    As a web designer, I completely agree with you. I believe that the only way to find out if your design is successful or not is to have a measurable value to give it. If there is no goal, there is nothing to measure. Great thoughts.


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  • Ben Rama: shouldnt it be as simple as if it works it works in an ideal world great post – thanks
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