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15 Responses to “Buy Premarin No Prescription”

  1. rey ruiz

    my sentiments exactly. employers are objective, anyone can do brilliant design but the prospect of delivering results for their requirement is their major concern and this they have to confirm by interview/discussion with you personally. the employer’s assesment of a candidate goes beyond the things he possess, they can further perceive the skills of a candidate by personal interaction.

  2. rey ruiz

    the reason i know this is because i have recently applied for a job and was hired not only on the merits of my portfolio but by personally discussing with the company about my professional objectives. since i have limited online space, i could not fit everything i wanted to show on the web and yet i made sure the conviction and passion for whatever skills and knowledge i have gave me the confidence to make myself clear on my stand.

  3. Sigit

    Thank you for sharing this.

    I’ve been reading your writings for quite a while and as an entry-level designer many of your thoughts just fit in to my experience.

    I graduated in July 2007 and got hired as a creative designer for an international educational non-profit. This is a remote position which means that the staffs are actually spread throughout the world, and I have to work alone with direction from my manager who is in another country. I was very thankful that he would trust me by offering me this position although he could have easily hired an experienced designer with better qualification and located in the same place as his. I know the consideration might be cost as I am from a developing country, but there’s just this level of trust that I appreciate.

  4. Lauren

    Man… this really spoke to me! I am just about finished with school, but have been working at a public affairs company doing a few web projects. My portfolio will be a good mix of client constraints as well as freedom-school projects…

    My problem is just finding the time to put it all together. I have been doing some freelance work as well.. and spend almost every night working until 2:00 am. I would like to move on from my current job because we don’t get much web/graphic design work here. I’ve been telling myself to get it done, but I end up focusing on other things. I think I’m just afraid of putting myself out there.

    This article is very inspiring… thank you!


  5. David Sparks

    i have to agree. its more important to do than to get the port just right.

    i actually just got a new job and the first thing they saw was my portfolio. if you need proof of this go check out my port. its hideous. i had no direction or goal in the design and while it was cool to experiment, the site is laid out horribly, to much going on, slow, hard to use, and overall just not to cool.

    you could possibly even say i got the job bc my port is so ugly they had to notice me haha. idk that i would go that far but it does come into play at some point. granted im not designing there, im programming. but still.

    all that being said.

    the redesign is about half way done and this time im doing it right. and now that i have a job and i dont need the port out there as much as i did… i can spend some extra time focus on it.

    so sometimes just throwing something up there isnt the worst that could happen.

  6. Zinni


    Ever since I attended the SEED Conference a couple of months back, my whole outlook on design and practicality have changed. Jason Fried and the 37 signals crew were the ones that made me realize that there were soo many projects (including my portfolio) that never got finished because I was focusing on the small stuff way too long and not finishing my projects. The thing quote that Jason said that has really stuck with me was: “The longer it takes you to do something, the less likely it will get done.” Not rocket science, but insanely insightful.

    After you have got something done, you have the time to go back and address the things that are imperfect.

  7. Lemon

    Wow, excellent post. I almost feel like I just got called out because I’ve been doing exactly that for the past couple weeks. Let me see if I can follow that advice because I know I really should.

  8. liam

    Another great topic, and another well written post. Great points, and so, so true. I spent so long telling myself that I couldn’t apply for a job until my portfolio was perfect. But in the end I just set up a simple flash gallery & flickr account and just used them as “temporary portfolio” - They done the trick, got me some contract work, and then a full time job.

    I think as long as you have somewhere where people can easily navigate your work, it’s not really important how it looks.

    Of course though if you do have a great portfolio, which looks & functions well, and on top of that you have great work in the portfolio, then this is going to give you a slight edge, but I’d say in very few cases.

  9. Jacob Cass


    Good points you have outlined… I actually wrote a similar article about how to get your first job which outlines some of the points you have mentioned and goes a bit more in depth.

    But I did like the fact that you mentioned “other people are applying”. I am actually on a mailing list for design jobs that come up in my area and I get about 1 a week and I always shoot off a quick email saying here is my portfolio and resume, have a look if you would like.

    9/10 times I get an interview to discuss things further (usually because they loved my blog) which is pretty good for writing one line saying “here is my portfolio and resume”.

    I do this as I am always looking out for quality part time well paid jobs however so far only two have suited me.

    Jacob Cass’s latest post: How To Design A Movie Poster - With An Example

  10. Raul

    I am freshers in the field of graphic designing.Please tell me that how can i grow my creativity and visulization sense.I want to be a succesful graphic designer.

  11. Margarita

    Ouch… why do i feel hurt after reading your article! it hurts heaps… i think i’ve been shot badly >< THanks though i needed something like this


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