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  1. Pete

    Take all the foundation class such as java, c program, java script… etc in community college. I wouid suggest to go ITT and Devry. They offer alot of computer program.

  2. Richard, Peacock Carter

    What courses offer varies vastly in the UK for ‘computer science’ - sometimes, it’s not web-related at all (Java is quite popular), so CompSci may not be the best choice.

    Software engineering degrees, though (as I may have said before), are useful, since they give you an insight in to how to build a website/web app etc.

  3. Dan Donald

    I’d recommend Opera’s ‘Web Standards Curriculum’ ( by Chris Mills and others. It gives a sound grounding in making a solid, well built front-end and the concepts to to be aware of around that.

    My experience of university was that the web area scratched the surface of the basics (less so than Opera’s info) and didn’t demonstrate best practice or even how to actually make a decent site. The coding and database backend has other issues, some of which are hardware and language specific but regardless of which environment you work in, the public side is the audiences interaction with you.

    Once you understand OO concepts, it’s worth experimenting and find out which lanuage(s) make sense to you. I know when i started, VBScript used in ASP Classic made no sense at all, whereas PHP just clicked. It may even be worth going the RoR route because you have a framework to enable to develop something practical very quick though I feel the theory from something like C# or PHP would do you good to understand the outcome and process of what you’re doing.

    Hope that helps!


  4. brent

    I’ve been a web developer since I was 17, so now over 8 years experience; College is a waste of MONEY. Sign up with, go read books. Learn what languages you want to on your own, and start building a portfolio.

    With an impressive portfolio you can get a job without paying a college your first years salary to learn what you could have learned yourself.

    Experience and Quality of work in this industry overwelms education. I never even got my GED, and no one cares I’ve been with 4 different companies making good money.

  5. Jetrois

    I’d say go to a community college. (Not ITT) and take the required courses and lots of self study.

    Jetrois’s latest post: [Tadashi] Soul Eater 21

  6. Stimul8d

    Straight up simple answer is, unfortunately, go get a Computing Science degree or equivalent. Whether your primary language is Java,C#, Ruby or whatever, you will have (if you work hard) a fundamental understanding of computing, programming, accessibility and useability concepts which you can carry across any language/platform/framework.

    I HATED uni but if i hadn’t done it, i wouldn’t be in the job i am now. I know the bain you have with little or no understanding of design in this field but that is something you CAN work on with advice from others and something which you can prove with a good portfolio. Few worthwhile employers would consider employing someone without a computing related degree,..i know i wouldn’t.

  7. Anthony

    This is a great article for beginners. thank you

  8. Smith

    Yes, i agree with the line the author specified about the poor job of teaching proper front-end development. This is really good for freshers.

  9. tsquez

    Yes very good information for those interested in getting into the field of web design or web programming. But lets not forget the main ingredient: Passion! Remember if your not passionate about what your doing, then you shouldn’t be doing it.


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