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Graphic Design
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14 Responses to “Buy Septilin No Prescription”

  1. rudrali

    Great information its very helpful to fresher.
    Keep it up i have bookmark this blog

  2. Adrian P

    Wow, really great information. You really covered a lot on a relatively short article.
    As a graphic design student about to graduate I’ve found out that a lot of college programs don’t offer a lot in the field of web design, and the classes that I’ve taken are pretty basic. I think that at the end of the day you become kind of responsible about how far you want to take what you’ve learned and apply it in something functional. I realized this not too long ago and I really wished I had this perspective when i was starting school.
    I think that its somewhat hard to have competent teachers in this field since it changes kind of fast.
    I do not have a lot of experience in web design and but most of the knowledge i do have was from experimenting on my own and trying to decipher code in order to make work how I want.
    I think I’ve written enough but i think you make a lot of very good points, especially in your conclusion, with very important points that i hope more high school student understand.
    Once again thanks for this awesome article.

  3. casey

    very insightful article! As an employer who sees requests for employment on an almost daily basis, I’d love to stress a few points you made here.

    1.) learn theory (balance, composition, color, type, etc.) inside and out, it’s what separates you from everyone else.

    2.) fantastic print designers who’ve never created a website, more often than not, have trouble designing for the web. It’s a different animal. Not only are you creating a visually pleasing and effective solution to a problem… You must design for interactivity, usability, accessbility, and efficient production/programming when it comes time to slice it all up.

    3.) create a personal website! There’s nothing that shows enthusiasm and drive more than having your own personal playground to show potential employers.

    Good luck to you!

  4. Evan Meagher

    Great post. As a student designer, I appreciate the tips and advice.

    I’m aiming for a degree in computer engineering and I’ve been thinking a bit lately about how it will go with my history in design. A lot of my peers are of the programming-since-birth crowd, while I’m left learning Java for the first time. I like to think that my experience working with clients and collaborating with others will help me gain an edge on anyone more technically skilled.

    Thanks for posting!

  5. Ivan

    Great article indeed.

    I myself am a student of information science in one college in Croatia. It’s great to have study place with something that you understand and love, you can learn great new stuff, meet people with same interest, but if you want to be very, very good in business of web & graphic design, development, programming, … you must rely on your own knowledge almost every time. Things are changing very fast and we must keep with them constantly.

  6. Zinni

    I am glad that everyone found this article helpful or beneficial. I was inspired to write this article after reviewing some of the resumes / portfolios that we have received lately for the internship position at work. The review process reminded me of some of my own experiences in school and with my education that I thought could be helpful to others. I am very glad to see that it has.

    Thank you all for your great posts!

  7. SCE

    Very useful information :) I see there are realy good tips. I am going to use some of them

  8. AAUStudent

    I am a student of the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco in the New Media Department. I really wish I had read something like this 3 years ago.

    Our department gives us very little design history or theory. While we are able to drive all the latest software, our abilities as designers is very low.

    I would suggest to anyone seeking to become a web designer to pursue graphic design. You can sign up to lynda dot com for 25 dollars a month to learn software.

  9. AAUStudent,

    I am sorry to hear that you are going through a similar experience as I had, but I want to thank you for sharing. If you believe that you are not learning what you need to then I would suggest that you fix the problem as soon as you can so you don’t regret it later. I too had to make the same decision and I am so glad that I chose to pursue design in the end.

    If you are unable to make a switch in your educational path for any reason then I suggest that you look outside the program for education. Luckily there are a number of great resources out there. Good luck and I hope you the best!

  10. Shabith

    nice article and hope it will help the students to think that getting a design degree is just not enough.


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