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Graphic Design
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8 Responses to “Buy Sporanox No Prescription”

  1. Shit

    Is this a joke? These portfolios, as sites, are fucking common, mundane, and shitty.


    Please. Keep moving, nothing to see here.

  2. Spiros

    I don’t agree with the above me user, but i do think mine should be in there (!
    just joking it’s a quite nice collection.


  3. Joram Oudenaarde

    A nice collection of links, although I do think that the examples you found and posted as pics are not exactly incredibly well made (although I do like their work).

    Have you tried browsing through

    by any chance? It’s links aren’t always the greatest, but they have some amazing, like the link states, one page folio’s :)

  4. Zinni

    Maybe I should have stipulated that these portfolios have been selected for their work and their ability to showcase the work without getting lost in extraneous features, not the overall quality of their websites.

    There are enough articles and inspiration sites devoted to website design, this is about the designers themselves. As for your comment, unnamed foul mouth commentor, your comments are very rude and insensitive to the work of these professionals. I also see that you did not share a link to your website… I wonder why?

  5. Daniel

    I would like to see websites without Flash. I appreciate the examples given here, but in some cases I feel as if flash based websites are almost cheating the web standards. All show a good navigation with great content, but in order for a site to be exceptional, I feel it needs to have things optimized for good search, structure and some other things not necessarily capable in flash itself.

  6. Joram: Yes I have been to One Page Folios and have found some great examples on there in the past, thanks for your comment.

    Daniel: You have a very valid concern, however for this series I tend to pick on the strength of the work within the portfolio first, and then take the actual portfolio into consideration second. I have been thinking about your comment Daniel (and the others as well), and on the next installment of the Sources of Inspiration Series I will do a round up of the best built / coded portfolios not in flash that also feature amazing work. I may make it a smaller grouping of portfolios because I am sure they are going to be a lot harder to find, but I will discuss why each is so well done.

  7. Joram Oudenaarde

    Ahhh, in that case… nice list ^^

  8. Miranda Larsen

    Very interesting choices. For comparison, I invite you to review our portfolio as well as design,



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