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Graphic Design
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4 Responses to “Buy Solian No Prescription”

  1. Adam Marquis

    What kind of job seeker would pay for this service? You have two cases:

    1) The taboo content is removable. If you were tech-savvy enough to publish it, I can’t think of an example where you’d not be savvy enough to remove it.
    2) It isn’t removable. What you are suggesting is to generate content that is both engineered well enough to appear above the negative content and numerous enough that it pushes it well downwards. So, you’ve just spent a small fortune to an SEO professional to hide content from the most casual observers (I certainly don’t just look at the first page when looking at job seekers).

    Is there really high demand for this service from job seekers and professionals? I can understand businesses seeing a return on reputation management, but I cannot wrap my head around an individual needing this service.

  2. Zinni


    It is a hot enough service for Newsweek to devote a reasonable size of its publication to. According to the articel some people are paying over $10,000 to have their online presence cleaned up… I think its a whole new world in terms of HR and people are desperate to look favorable in the Hiring Managers eyes.

  3. Adam Marquis

    I’m not even sure what to think about that. Maybe it is because I am careful of what I say in public spaces, but I cannot imagine having content out there that damaging.

    I think a notable negative of personal reputation management as a career choice is the nature of the work. Getting good press and positioning it well for a company is one thing, but burying people’s dirty laundry?

    As an aside, I love the image you’ve set as the background in the comment textbox. Usually I find that kind of embellishment busy and unneeded, but this meshes in really well.

  4. Zinni

    Thanks for the compliment. Also I agree with what you have said. I see how it could be walking a thin line regarding ethics. Where do you draw the line? What if the negative stuff out there about a person or company is actually deserved?



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