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  1. Richard Davies

    Def be checking this out, looks very good.

    Love the quote from the Design Observer:

    “Good designers are a dime a dozen, he said. Coming up with a great design solution is the easy part. The hard part, he said, is getting the client to accept the solution.”

  2. Urby

    Nice post,

    Just today I had my first meet up with a new client and was presented a spec outlining what they are looking for. The requirements were there, however it made no mention of where it will be, who will be using it and what exact service it will provide. I’m sure a lot of designers / developers can relate.

    I probably asked at least fifty questions and by the end of it, the client learned more about their own needs and expectations while I walked away with their respect for making sure this project will be executed to their spec.

  3. liam

    Great read yet again, the “Question the client” part was the most interesting part, and something I’d completely agree with.

    Off topic: I love your new look at http://www.zinnidesign.com

    liam’s latest post: Function Brush Set: 33 Subtle Grunge Textures & Effects


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