Zithromax Pharmacy No Prescription

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6 Responses to “Zithromax Pharmacy No Prescription”

  1. Richard

    Passing is probably the best option for that type of work - it’s what we do, simply because it’s our reputation at stake.

    We try and explain that the ‘quick fix’ they seek is likely to do their business damage in the long term. Even so, they’ll still be those wanting a return quickly, and I think it is best just to ignore them.

  2. Jonathan Patterson

    Once you explain that the problem is not a quick fix and that SEO requires steady attention you should get them on a plan that is realistic. Sure you can tell them it can’t be done but wouldn’t it be better to say it can be done, but it’s not an overnight fix? Have hem sign a 6 month deal where you can work out the problem.

  3. tambre

    I’m an internet marketer, it’s my job, but I was a designer and I like to keep on top of what is going on. Since I don’t design or code as heavily as I used to I make friends with designers so if I hear someone saying, “I could really use a website…” I can send them to my contact.

    SEO does work, and no there is no real quick fix - well, except for Pay per Click, but that can get expensive - so there isn’t a quick and nearly free fix.

    Internet marketing requires attention over the lifespan of your time with that client or until the site closes. I know a lot of SEO’s balk at monthly service, but I have found that a site will need a monthly review, or a title tag change, link building, internal content and keyword density update, a new marketing tactic, etc…

    If you’re planning on passing by clients that want SEO work my best recommendation is to find some reputable internet marketers and align yourself with them so you can do the design for the client and you can partner your client with your marketing contact :)


  4. Michelle Chance-Sangthong

    I agree completely. There has to be an over-arching strategy. SEO and Search Engine placement is not a do it once a year thing like a phone book ad. Search Marketing results continually shift, and your clients and or providers have to be in position to shift and flow with it. When we work with clients we do ask for a minimum 6 month commitment, for both the results and to reinforce that it is a process - not a product.

    We will pass on clients where we are certain the reasonable results cannot be achieved.

    Many “seo agencies” have seem to have tons of outsourced workforce behind the scenes to prop up results fast, but may “undo” all the work to date should the project end.

    It is important to educate the client, give them realistic expectations and help them understand that it is no different that traditional networking in some ways. You go to events, you shake hands, you exchange cards, they send you referrals. You help the referral, they send you referrals. And the cycle repeats itself online.

    Thanks for the reminder that SEO is not an INSTANT fix to any marketing problem.

  5. Claire

    Yes there is that problem out there, most businesses do think thier site will appear at the top overnight. In this case you need to give them a little SEO education, and actually show them the work you are putting into thier website. They think they pay their money to be optimised for us to do nothing but actually they need to understand that a lot of research and work is put in, and to put that work in they do need to pay for it! The benefits always follow. If they want something that immediate that can happen at the click of your fingers, then maybe sending them down a pay per click route together with SEO is better - i personally do not agree with this as most budgets are eaten up very quick.


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