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  1. Mike

    If only Moleskine came in a spiro bound version. For me spiro is an absolute must with notebooks so I can get the darn cover out the way. If possible, a semi-transparent plastic front, allows you to put your own cover on things, which is cool.

  2. Zinni


    I have been wishing for a spiral bound Moleskine for a long time as well, maybe they will hear our request? Lets hope.

  3. Arkrep

    Fantastic Post! Signed up to RSS feed just on the strength of this post!

    Sketch Books Rule!

  4. tripdragon

    Meh all boring. I just print out a neat title in a neat font on a piece of white paper. Then staple 20 or so pages together. BAM instant home made goodness

    Though if they made unruled spiral notebooks I would so eat though up. Not blank artbooks. No that cheap paper they use for school notebooks; just get rid of the lines and I would be sooooooooo happy. But even the rep from Mead said they don’t make them. :<

  5. Zinni

    tripdragon, man you are hard to please. Everything is boring to you man… Why all the hate?

    Arkrep, Thanks for the subscribe I am glad you like the post.

  6. Laura

    Am I the only one bothered by the Moleskine paper? After hearing of the hundreds of artists using Moleskine, I bought one to use as my sketchbook. But the paper (off-white, which I don’t like much) seems too slick and a tad too thick for my taste. So I checked out the thinner paper in other Moleskines, but that paper seemed too thin. And I don’t use lined paper for sketching so that rules out all their other sketchbooks. So I’m still looking.

    I bought a Lomo books, which is sort of a camera journal book and I like it a LOT, except that it has preprinted stuff at the top and bottom of each page. If it didn’t, I think I’d have the perfect book.

    I’m looking for something around 5.5 x 8 inches: Any ideas would be appreciated. I’ll check back to see if anyone has commented.

  7. Jacob Pogson

    Yeah, field notes are the best. For exactly the reason you state; no drawbacks.
    I use one booklet per subject at uni, and it works great. I keep them permanently in my bag, and are super easy to use.

  8. kristarella

    I’ve been using Moleskine, but the small ones that come in 3 packs… they actually look a lot like the Field Notes books.I like them because you can stick a pen in the page that you’re up to, maybe put a rubber band around it to keep the pen and any other random bits in. They come in plain and grid.
    I have a general note book and then sometimes dedicated ones (used one to take notes during a recent trip and another for uni related stuff).
    I’m wondering whether I want to buy one of the thicker Moleskines or whether the thin+pen features of the small one are better.

    I’d love a dot grid book, but I don’t love spiral bindings.

    Someone needs to do custom notebooks. A variety of page styles and bindings (plus page markers, bands to go around etc) and you mix and match to your liking.

  9. Zinni


    I totally agree with that, custom books would be awesome. I however don’t think that the larger moleskins are all that amazing compared to field notes, because of the spine. It makes them a little harder to hold and use on a crowded train ride home. But otherwise they are great.

  10. Ryan

    Nice. I’ve been using a notebook from Miquelrius ( ). It’s standard graph paper which is good for font ideas, though the dot grid book seems more appealing. But this one was a decent price for a couple hundred pages.

  11. Zinni


    I can’t figure out how you purchase anything from that site? I love the paper with the grids already printed on them, that would save me soo much time when I do sketching. Awesome link share :)


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