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Graphic Design
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28 Responses to “Nexium Over The Counter”

  1. Matt Hanson

    Good writing. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed my Google News Reader..

    Matt Hanson

  2. Ross Johnson

    I wonder if your advice misses a very important aspect of web design, that of user experience?

    You can get a graphic design degree and learn the principals of design (layout, typography, balance, rhythm, etc…) and it doesn’t teach you anything about making a site easy to interact with.

  3. Zinni


    That is why I would think you would learn this when you learn web design. I believe user experience to be a huge part of any interactive focus of study.

    In your opinion is there a book that does a particularly good job of explaining user experience, that should be considered for the reading list?

  4. Sean

    I would say “Don’t Make Me Think,” which you already have listed, is a great first read on the user experience subject.

    After that, I have found real world experience is the best way to learn. I am wondering if there would be a way to start a site for this degree program, that has assignments that users should complete during and after reading some of the books. They submit the completed works back to the site, where “experienced” designers can give constructive feedback.

  5. Sean,

    I am already one step ahead on that one: Personal Web Design Degree.

    I agree with you that real world experience , as it has worked for me as well. This “degree” if successful would help designers prepare for that real world experience. Hopefully this would educate them and reduce the learning curve a little.

    Also thanks for the great idea on the feedback section, I could definitely see that working.

  6. Ryan

    I’m in your target demographic: a designer working almost exclusively in print design who wants to get into web design.

    I think your idea is massively radical, or at least it seems so given my experience. You’re proposing that people don’t need to attend or enroll in a traditional educational institution. Most people don’t think this way. I know my first thought when I decided that I should learn more web design was to enroll in a couple classes at a community college. But that’d be hundreds if not thousands of dollars in tuition, fees, and transportation costs.

    (Perhaps that was all painfully obvious, but it got me excited.)

    I added your feed to my Reader; I look forward to hearing more about this.

  7. Zinni


    I would also like to point out that in all likeliness be so broad that as an experienced print design you wouldn’t get much out of it. I think there are a large population of designers just like you who need/want to learn how to to design websites but just don’t know where to get started because of the sheer amount of information out there, and rapid pace at which it changes.

    I am glad you find this interesting, and thank you for subscribing!

  8. Wade

    Just wanted to add a book to your list which is a great primer on fundamentals - The Web Style Guide 3rd Edition. Great content on usability, typography, the works. Worth a look and also available online. I look forward to following the conversation.

  9. Troy

    Some books that I found helpful were the Zen Garden and Bulletproof Web Design Books. Also Robin Williams’ (not the actor) Non Designer’s Design Book

  10. What a great idea and a fantastic approach. I’ve had a similar experience with my schooling and decision to leave so it’s great to see someone take a step like this for those who want to do things our way.

    One book I’ve read that is really informative and eye opening about solid design fundamentals and also gives a lot of strong ideas that help when dealing with the “make my logo bigger” type of clients is:

    Do you matter? How great design will make people love your company

  11. Fred,

    I agree, Do You Matter? is an amazing book. For a while I thought about supplying every new customer with a copy and Purple Cow by Seth Godin. I think it would be lost on most of them though…

  12. matt

    I’m a budding web designer with no formal education on it and I am really looking forward to this, It could be an amazing resource.

  13. Tony, is an incredibly exciting idea!

    this is exactly what we need; an open source web design education.

    however, i am not sure that such a heavy emphasis on physical books is the appropriate approach. Sure it would be good to have a recommended reading list, but i don’t think it would be a good idea to make any book a ‘required read’ for your course.

    i would suggest that your origional sources come directly from the web: there is an abundance of wonderful articles about all sorts of web design related issues scattered across the internet (on sites like a list apart for instance). As you say, it is tedious to find both high quality and relevant recourse amidst the profusion of information. but if someone else has already done a good job covering an issue, why go through the trouble yourself?

    it seems to me that you cannot be the only instructor in this university, as it would take a single person years to develop a solid curriculum. so, announce the site to the web design community, and ask for other contributing instructors to build with it you. Of course, you will need to preside as head master/ janitor, and filter out the crap.

    But, whatever shape it takes, i can’t wait to use it.

  14. Zinni


    Rest assured there will be plenty of web links to accompany the books.

    However, the reason I have and will start with books as the foundation of the “degree” is because of their formal nature. They tend to do a better job at covering broad subjects in a much more linear fashion. I think that if the program consisted solely of web links that the learning curve would still be too high, and the number of places the information would be found in would compound the confusion.

    I am in the process of researching community/collaboration tools so that the project does get community interaction. I would love this to grow far outside of what I am proposing, as you are right this is a huge project for one person.

    I will be posting a followup with the structure of the program as I have been brainstorming it. Sometime far more visual so that I can get some feedback with everyone on the same page. I think it will make more sense then.

    Thanks for the comment!

  15. Heather

    “Web Standards Creativity” is great book for those who have the basics down and want to start expanding their web design knowledge. Plus, the variety of authors keeps things interesting.

  16. Heather

    I agree with Ben, there are so many great resources out on the web, but also there are many outdated and incorrect ones. It’d be great to have a collection of online standards-based resources for beginners.

  17. Will C.

    Art as Experience by John Dewey is a must for any budding graphic designer including web and print. Also, you can never go wrong with anything by Paul Rand.

  18. fauzan

    i like ur blog. give me ur tips and trics. i from indonesia

  19. Scott Cagle

    This is a great idea, everything I know about web design, development, etc is self-taught and I don’t have time to go back to school to ‘learn’. ’

    I will be interested to see what follows.


  20. Joanne P.

    I think this is a fantastic idea. Everything I know about web design is self taught. I’ve had an easy enough time learning to code, but learning design without going to school is a little harder to manage. I look forward to seeing your curriculum!

  21. Gene M.

    Very cool idea! I know how to design a web site. People ask me to design a site for them. I could probably get out of this rat race and make a modest living doing something I actually enjoy except for one thing: any site I build is uninspiring because I don’t know how to fold in graphic design.

    I have a degree in information systems. I went back to school last year to get a certificate in web design. I only took one course and decided, “I am NOT going to spend thousands of dollars to have them not teach me anything.”

    So I’m following this effort. I think the earlier suggestion about a way for students to submit work and get feedback is good and necesary for this to succeed. I am not oblivious that this would require some people to donate time, a precious commodity. Even if that took a while to get off the ground, I’m still interested.

  22. Zinni


    I would think the design submission/feedback system could be achieved in the forums if a community were to develop, which I really hope does…


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