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  1. Adelle

    This is a great list! Didn’t know about some of these…wow I know what I will be doing later. Thanks!

    Adelle’s latest post: 50+ Kick Ass Logos for Inspiration

  2. Zinni


    Thanks for the compliment! However collecting these resources is not quite as hard as actually creating them. So thanks to all the original authors!

  3. Janko

    Great resources not seeing every day! Thanks!

  4. Kiran voleti

    Very useful resources.

  5. Polo

    Cool list, thanks !

  6. Fubiz

    Thanks for the sharing.

    Fubiz’s latest post: Laptop Desktop Hybrid

  7. liam

    Wow, nice. Seriously nice thanks for taking the time to put them together.

  8. Brad C

    Now this is a great list of resources. This must have taken a while to compile.

    I would like to add one more that I have always loved, it’s a case study of the BBC redesign. It’s a couple years old but the information inside is invaluable.

  9. Steve Renner

    Great Design and Internet Marketing Resources. Thanks for taking the time to compile the list for us.


  10. liam

    @ Brad C - That BBC glass wall concept is a great case study, thanks for sharing.

  11. Doug

    Some excellent resources - particularly the Web Development section and the Presentation one.

  12. Gene

    Wow, great list. So much too read so little time. It’ss so hard to keep up with all the info. Must find time.

  13. WebGyver

    Great work Anthony!

    To say that it took you longer than anticipated to track down the original sources for those fabulous documents is probably an understatement (guessing from personal experience).

    Hey, I certainly don’t want to steal any of your thunder, this is your blog show after all, but here’s another link to a web site that offers free PDF grid paper and all sorts of useful PDF document generators (and, no, I’m neither associated with them nor do I get any sort of kickbacks):

    Be well, do good work, and keep in touch!

    WebGyver’s latest post: SQL Injection on the Rise in 2008

  14. Mark Creative

    Thanks for sharing, this is a great list.

    Seen and read some of them before but its going to take a while to work through, which i look forward too.

    Ah the power of the internet, global information sharing(free), dont you just love it!

    Mark Creative’s latest post: Help break a world record

  15. Brent P. Newhall

    Wow, thanks for the list! I’m reading through a bunch of them now.

    A bit of feedback, if I may: It would be nice if you could mark the PDFs that require registration or any other rigamarole, as opposed to the ones you can download straightaway. I usually don’t bother with anything that insists I create another account.

  16. Aaron

    These are useful to keep around and makes me wonder why more pdf resources are not created and shared on the internet. I’m also surprised so many pdfs I already had collected are on your list. Maybe great minds think alike? Thanks for pointing out a few more useful pdfs I missed.

  17. Multimediedesigner

    Thak you very much for this collection :)

  18. Affordable Web Design

    Thanks for sharing the information. PDF creation is very important to know about and it always seems to stump some designers.

  19. Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    Yahoo DPL is a great tool, I use it all the time

  20. Stefan

    Fantastic resource!

  21. ben
  22. Paul @ Web Design Ireland

    Anthony, many thanks for this post, some serious hard work in compiling this one.

    Paul @ Web Design Ireland’s latest post: Why playing Theme Park reminds me of website development.

  23. eta

    thanks for sharing!

  24. Eric Leach

    Very nice, thanks for all the links to these wonderful resources.

  25. Zaoris

    Impressive post, thank you Anthony!

  26. temizlik

    thank you…

  27. Jennifer

    Superb collection. Thanks.

    Jennifer’s latest post: Logo Links

  28. otomatik kapı

    thank you..

  29. Sumesh

    Awesome collection - I’ve already downloaded a few, will be back as and when required. Bookmarked for future use :)

    Sumesh’s latest post: Review and thoughts on Mozilla Firefox 3

  30. otomatik kapı

    thank you…

  31. Matthew T. Grant

    Thanks for including the AIGA/Aquent Salary Survey on your list. Glad you found it useful.

    Matthew T. Grant’s latest post: Special Pleading: I Want You to Work with Aquent

  32. Sanjay Kumar


    Some good work is done in UXM & free stuff available on

    Visit to learm more about usability

  33. Justin

    Great…thanks to all the people that took the time to do all this.

  34. izmir evden eve

    thank you…

  35. Richard, Peacock Carter

    A great collection - ‘Elegant Web Typography’ and ‘Bulletproof Web Design’ would certainly be on my list!

    Richard, Peacock Carter’s latest post: MediaWiki Skins Design Book available for pre-order

  36. prisca

    fantastic list of resources - thanks so much for putting all these up as such a concise list ;)

  37. krishna

    Wow. Great compilation of List here. Tweeted this one :)

  38. Jeffrey Jose

    Thanks for the compilation


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  • Koocha: Thanks for that. Also, feel free to browse my new site with lots of design stuff collected from Internet
  • Paul Gordon: Aaah, I love KickStarter projects. I’m hoping they come over to the UK very soon. Nick, the very best of luck with...
  • Firma Rehberi: thanks for this.
  • James Kemp: In the end, everything thing is designed. Plain things are still designed, but with usability in mind. The two bounce off...
  • Joshua: Being more of a graphic designer than a web designer, I think I can agree with the concept here. I do a lot of web layout mockups...
  • estudio web: Muy buen blog de diseño! great blog! thanks from Argentina.
  • theComplex: @Lisa – I have the same issue. And sometimes I get so caught up in how irritated I am at that client that the...
  • Daus: I don’t think there is “rules” in webdesign. It is just trend, and people (read: designer) often...
  • Web Design Australia: Forcing yourself to work on something when you’re stressed won’t give you the results that you want....
  • Benny: Great post and good tips! I also have this problem from time to time, having trouble finding that perfect ‘inspiratio...
  • Luci: Conventions and standards, in my mind, are different kettles of fish. Standards, like coding standards, I think exist for good...
  • Tom Hermans: Although I want a website to be visually appealing, and to stand out etc.. I also want it to be a handy instrument that is...
  • Vim: This list is always a good tip however its something that most designers already know, finding inspiration can be hard, but to get...
  • LA Woodarts Designer: An excellent reminder to step back sometimes. It’s amazing how often the business part blocks the creative....
  • Ben Rama: shouldnt it be as simple as if it works it works in an ideal world great post – thanks
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