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  1. Innovation and ROI are always important. I can’t help but wonder, as well, if many freelancers/design studios/businesses in general need to go on a diet and slim down as much as they can. Many “web companies” especially spend outrageous amount of money on relatively useless things.

    I am curious to see what other readers think on this.

  2. Seth,

    I completely agree, maybe right now isn’t the time to start buying up fancy furniture and doing frivolous spending on the expense account. But cutting back is also the root of the problem. That’s why we need to provide value to our clients, so that they can buy smart.

  3. Seth Stacey

    Good way to put that. I see companies “getting fit” being more in tune with running smarter, not necessarily cutting out things that are important. So, extra bonuses for sales people based on sales? Makes them sell more, great. Ad that brought in no leads? Nope, chunk it. Fru-fru coffee drinks? New software? New hires? Depends, but especially now companies should be thinking of such things.

  4. John

    this is bowl shit

  5. Another way to innovate would be to offer SEO services. The SEO industry is booming and it would behoove web design companies to come up with a plan for offering comprehensive SEO services. If you can’t do it in house consider outsourcing this as well to a reputable firm.

    Great article BTW.



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