Cheap Nexium Online

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9 Responses to “Cheap Nexium Online”

  1. J. Jeffryes

    One of two things will happen:

    1. micropayments will become reality, and readers will pay bloggers directly for content


    2. the promise of big money from advertising will continue luring in more new writers than the number that wise up and quit

    People still spend a lot on lottery tickets, so I’m betting for #2.

  2. summerbl4ck

    You’re absolutely correct that the online advertising industry is in crisis. Banner ads don’t pull an adequate customer response to justify the cost. Interactive advertising does marginally better, but still costly and instrusive. Readers are becoming increasingly savvy about consuming content and interacting online while also filtering out distractions like banner ads. Unfortunately this also means that the ability to use ad revenue to cover your costs of doing business is also diminishing. I expect we’ll see subscriptions coming sooner than later for everything from news to magazines and blogs and even social media.

  3. P.J. Onori

    If you figure this problem out, believe me, you won’t need to advertise on this site as you will already be a billionaire.

    I too have spent quite a bit of time wondering how to create any semblance of a sustainable ad model for my site. From my perspective, one needs ample amounts of either two things — cred/authority in their respective field or oodles of traffic volume.

    Both require a tremendous amount of effort, each for different yet equally difficult reasons. Even then, it can still be hard to get a serious income from writing online.

    Good luck to you on this. Really, if you do find a way to make this happen, write a book and you’ll make far more in the book sales then you’d ever make in ads. ;)

  4. Zinni


    Unfortunately what you are saying is so true, online advertising is desperately in need of an innovation. I wish I ad the answers because I would definitely write a book about it, but right now I am thinking way smaller, maybe products?

    The truth is, there has to be a way for a reasonably successful blogger to make money from their efforts. The audience definitely exists, John Chow and the other “make money online” guys have proven this. We know the problem exists, now creativity needs to solve it…

  5. Faith

    Unfortunately, the intrusive, gimmicky nature of much advertising wasn’t born online. Everyone has to decide if he is a Sham-Wow or a Lexus. There’s a conventional way to advertise siding and windows, mass market residential real estate services, and used cars - then there’s Absolut. Readers scan newspaper headlines and ignore the ads, flip magazine pages past obvious ads, throw away the coupon mailers the mail carrier brings, and mute the television. Online they just click away. Not coming back to a site is the same as throwing away the coupon mailer unconciously, out of habit.

    Businesses that use shameless, tasteless huckstering would say that if they are making money, who’s to say it’s wrong? On the other hand, a lot of people who make the Web their business have, shall we say, more refined sensibilities? Or at least higher standards - we want to be surrounded by truth, beauty, and good taste, and to be seen as people who know the difference.

    Following Sturgeon, 90% of online advertising is almost inevitably crap because 90% of everything is, well, crap.

  6. Stewart Kirk

    Isn’t the truth that almost everyone (often rightly) beleives that nearly all online ads are either pointless or scams; thus no-one clicks through that much anyway. It doesn’t seem to make much sense to in effect de-optimise your blog or website just for the sake of a few pennies when ultimately you may end up driving people away. At that point the core purpose of your site (selling your own services or promulgating your own ideas) becomes lost.

    If, and when, online advertising becomes something other than internet enabled snake-oil salesmen, and advertiser work with the website owners to ensue the ads really are appropriate to the content and not intrusive on the content or the design of the website, then website owners may actually be in a position to make some money out of a mutually beneficial arrangement.


    I think ad works for a blog with a good content and even can make paying your hosting bills but, if its intrusive and not of a good taste it’s gonna kick all your visitor away.

  8. samantha

    now I feel even worse. Out of work 118.dollars to my name rent due and i thought internet! I hear people can make money doing that!bad idea huh? Thanks for the eye opener.

  9. AndrewBoldman

    Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!



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