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Graphic Design
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39 Responses to “Buy Geriforte No Prescription”

  1. David Sparks

    Logo work is not at all my strong suit. I can manage but I’m not to good at it.
    however for a massive collection of logos and if you’re in need of inspiration check out

    I’m there quite often.

    good post

  2. David,

    I have not been doing any identity work for a while, however it is my favorite type of design. Nothing else you can design has as much impact on a business or product than it’s identity.

    This post was part of me making sure that I do not loose touch with the practice. Once again, thanks for the comment!

  3. Nice post, and thank you for using my logo as an example as well :)

  4. Zinni

    Sure thing Joram, it is a solid concept :)

  5. kristarella

    Nice post!

    I’ve never heard logos discussed in this way before.

    I’ve been trying to come up with a logo for myself, my blog and photoblog. Without much success so far, my sketches haven’t grabbed me… but I’ll keep at it.

  6. Sarah

    Great post! You have classified logo in a very interesting way. I like that. Good job

  7. Ben Field

    Zinni, thanks for this. If it interests you, I think it would be helpful for others to hear what the strengths are of these different types of marks. When watching companies develop an identity, I’ve found the process is often to follow the direction most apparent to the mind of the designer — but that may not be the best direction. I bet these have different strengths that could be better exploited consciously. What is your experience on this?

  8. Zinni

    Ben I believe you are correct. There are certain types of marks that have typically met the needs of certain types of industries. For example it is very common to see restaurants effectively use an emblem. This was my original idea, however it was too long for one post. Hint: I may be breaking these up into a series of articles ;)

  9. David

    I love your helpful breakdown of logos. One minor question. Could you include more recognizable and international logos in your future discussions? i.e. IBM, Google, Starbucks, Nike, VW, et al.

  10. George M

    So a logotype is now called a wordmark and an icon is now called a mark?

  11. Fubiz

    Very good article. Thanks a lot.

  12. David

    you should also check out (where most of these logos where posted first :)

  13. Craig

    The Fondant logo suggest that there’s probably a sixth category: coffee stains … Lucent … Morning Joe on MSNBC …

  14. Will Sherwood

    Well done! Keep up the good work.

    BTW, if you have a moment, I’d like your opinion on my blog listed above?

  15. Anush

    I’m 100% agree with your blog idea. But main thing is what ever you design should be creative to handle the company brand.
    Even its made of Simple lines but should be creatively aligned

  16. projectautomatika

    Great article!


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