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Graphic Design
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8 Responses to “Buy Clomid Without A Prescription”

  1. Gino

    I am cautiously optimistic about the SVA program, because there really is no one program that brings all the pieces together, and they all tend to lack rigor in one way or another.

    On my blog, I wrote about what I would look for if I was to hire a UXA or an IxD:

  2. Zinni


    I read your article and I have to agree with a large portion of the things listed. I personally have studied everything on your list in college due to the broad requirements mandated by my school. however I do no agree that social science methodologies are completely necessary. They may be a bonus, however I think you could be successful at interaction design without it. The same could be said about library and info sciences.

    The elements you have listed all play a role however I think that a basic understanding of some of these things could be achieved by formulating a course specifically towards them, maybe as an Interaction Design 101 course. You could easily exhaust all of the subjects that I would consider complimentary however I believe that the return is minimal enough after a basic understanding.

    I will agree that anyone hoping to study interaction design should spend some time actually building the end product. This is really the only way that you will be able to predict and avoid technological limitations through design.

    Thanks for the comment, and for linking to your article I enjoyed them both!

  3. J. Jeffryes

    1. Robust psychology training. Most of design is just applied psychology, but somehow most design programs forget that. When dealing with UX, understanding the hows and whys of human decision making, perception, and emotion are even more vital than they are in static design.

    2. Basics of programming. UX designers don’t need to be programmers, but a foundation in basic programming concepts can be vital to their work. Just as a print designer needs to understand ink and paper, a UX designer must understand the technology they are designing for.

  4. anonymous

    I completely agree with J, and would like to add that while interaction designers may not be writing a great deal of code themselves, they are sure to be working closely with developers, so an understanding of programming is imperative in order to to facilitate proper communication, and subsequently, successful co-operation.

  5. Jose

    All great comments. One additional thing to add is an eye for aesthetics and at least a basic understanding of color and graphic design. While some people just wireframe the interaction, more and more companies want the UX designer to either guide the graphic designer or do the graphics themselves. Using color and design elements are an additional way to create a better experience.

    I’ve been doing this for so long that upon first thinking of it, UX seems like second nature. However when you dissect all of the elements that make a great UX/UI designer it’s an incredibly complex field that touches practically every other field in web/app design and creation.

  6. Diah

    Nice artcle bro, tq

  7. Gino

    Thanks. As a professional working in this field the last 12 years, and it’s already been said here more than once, of course, but — you can disagree all you want about the necessity of social science training — I cannot emphasize enough the importance of it as the foundation of almost all user centered design, without which one is just a glorified graphic designer. In fact as someone who has hired UX people I expect that someone come in as a social scientist rather than someone who is first a “designer” or a “developer”. Good luck in your journey.


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