Buying Nexium

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15 Responses to “Buying Nexium”

  1. milo

    Did you check their websites?
    I’ve tried to find something online (de store) and couldn’t find any appropriate description nor the product itself.
    Apart from that their online design looks exactly like your experience…

  2. Lilian

    “…the ability to bitch to a far greater audience than the typical person.” - Why I blog, in a nutshell. There’s no shame in that.

    I’m sure the only criteria for employment in Staples is the ability to recite parts of the alphabet and look perpetually gaumless. I have plenty of stories about the staff in there… including how I fixed their photocopier.

  3. Lilian,

    You fixed THEIR copier? that is so ironic and hilarious…

  4. Kevin May

    Instead of posting this.. why not go to a different store.

  5. John Hilowitz

    Another note to Staples about ux through design. Have you ever tried to locate a box of staples at Staples? Try it sometime, it’s an interesting experiment.

  6. Captain Palapa

    @KevinMay: One reason to post it is that you actually like the store, and hope someone, somewhere who actually cares might read it and say “Hey, you’re right”. You’re probably more likely to get action through an accidental tumble on your blog posting than if you actually wrote a letter to them. (Here you’re just “talking to friends” and they’d like to eavesdrop. Send them a letter and now you’re being critical. Ha.)

  7. Zinni

    @Kevin - I did end up going to office max but that’s not really the problem here. It’s that they have actually designed a process that eliminates sales and frustrates potential customers, which I feel is worth discussing.

    In fact I still order from staples online their delivery service is good, but in an economy where box box stores are dropping like flies, they desperately need to fix experiences like this.

  8. AJ

    I understand that this is a great article to focus on how a better design will work. At the same time, to be honest, I feel that even without the adequate information being provided to you, going on to make a purchase was a big mistake. Staples is no doubt horrible. For many reasons including design. That is precisely why I will never support them as you are essentially supporting all of the horrible attributes. I feel that we should all try our best to support the little guy who is knowledgeable and making an attempt (at least trying you know) to design the store well in all aspects.

  9. Mark

    I used to work for Staples way back in the day and we had the digital recorders in those giant anti-theft boxes so at least you could see there were some in stock.

    As far as knowledgeable employees, ha! The product training we went through was pretty useless and outdated. Luckily we had a “life’r” who knew every product inside and out who we went to for info.

    I find with any big box store these days you have to do the research on products yourself because the part-time employees don’t know squat.

    I was once told at a best buy that people buy LCD TV’s more then Plasma TVs because they were “easier to use”…. Hmm..

  10. Joni Mueller

    Researching a digital recorder, reading online reviews, consumer reviews, spec sheets, various companies’ online product sheets for the different brands of digital recorders available, narrowing those down to a handful of suitable choices … It’s what I always do before shopping for an electronic item, especially if more than a few hundred dollars is involved. Long gone are the days when stores such these can provide a staff that does much more than find their way to work in the morning. Knowledge is power; as a consumer, if you want the best deal, or if you want a decent deal, you have to be proactive in your quest for knowledge. You can’t wait in Aisle 9 for someone to hand it to you.

    Notwithtanding all of that (and the fact that it’s “affects” and not “effects”), I enjoyed the article, especially your observation about being able to bitch to a wider audience. Secretly, I believe this is why a majority of us blog. ;)

  11. Kev

    Just thank yourself you didn’t goto B&Q ;) heheh :)

    It’s all very well these big stores taking most of the competition away from the small shops but their customer service leaves a lot to be desired, at least with the small shops you could get someone knowledgeable regarding the products they sold, those days are numbered.

  12. Zinni


    Thanks for the heads up, I always mess up effect vs affect…

  13. Derek

    Staples is an enigma to me. I worked there for 2 years during college and never understood how they made money. I did however notice when I worked during customer hours that the majority of customers came to Staples knowing exactly what they wanted, very little people just stroll in to shop randomly.

    I agree with you that generally the stores are poorly laid out, that was my job for a while. I drove around from store to store and remodeled them based on plans. Sometimes I would deviate the plan to make something work better. Sometimes I wondered if they were even seen by human eyes, as if a computer analyzed the inventory and organized items based on a characteristic. The one thing I always laughed at were the digital postal scales next to the polymer bags.

  14. Click and Inc

    Sad how company training doesn’t seem important to companies anymore. It’s all trickle down. The company doesn’t wanna pay someone extra to train so they just ask their current employees to do extra work for free which in turn makes the employee not care about it because they are not getting paid for it, which results in more bad employees. The economy stinks!


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