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Graphic Design
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6 Responses to “Alprazolam For Sale”

  1. I interviewed at least 20 candidates last year to fill a UI designer position at work.

    I tend to have different standard and expectation when interviewing someone who’s fresh out of school, versus experienced ones. For a design student, I mostly look at the “form.” I believe “function” can be trained later on. As for a seasoned designer, I look for the total package. One has to be able to not only demo his/her portfolio, but also the thought process behind each design decision. This is here the gap lies between the novice and the pros. I often get the response from design students “I dunno, it just looked cool.”

    What you mentioned about design students, designing for themselves or other designers is very true. This applies to other fields as well: computer science, enigneering etc. It’s difficult for schools to update their curriculum to relfect the real world situation. So they stick with what they do(sometimes decently): techniques.

  2. Bunny got Blog

    I have to say,I really like your articles.

    One thing I have learned is there are too many clients,who want a professional job done but usually thinks he knows more then the designer he has hired.

    Graphic designer’s have the talent of using their ability to read people I think. Then creativity designing a site that captures the person,company,merchandise,etc- soul personality.

    I am more then happy with my graphic designer.I found myself saying yes more times then no when working with him :)

    Bunny got Blog’s latest post: Zucchini + Limeaid + Ginger = Bunny’s Zucclinger Fruit Drink

  3. Lemon

    I just want to provide a counter argument to Bunny’s comment. I do agree that many clients might try to direct design in a way that won’t benefit them and sometimes, usually with the more experienced designers, it is best to let the designer guide the direction of the project provided it actually meets the needs of the client.

    This ties in with very closely with new design students and “style” in that I’ve seen far too often, new designers have this idea that it is their expertise being sought so they will do what they think is best and they use styles that don’t fit with the clients message because it’s either their “style” or a style they want to use. Depending on their design education they received, too often I see students that don’t really understand how to place client’s needs ahead of their design goals until of course they’ve spent some more time in the industry.

    Not to rail against style, it can certainly be used very well and many designers are sought after for their specific style but many new designer’s want that from the beginning without realizing how to also meet clients goals that they were hired for.

  4. Zinni


    Great comment, if only more clients were like Lemon…

  5. nick

    The hard thing that I find is not only creating a style for a project that makes my clients happy but one that appeals to the end user. A few of the clients I work with tend to have their own personal style that makes no sense for their consumers.

    My advice for students would to always think of who will be looking at the website, reading the brochure, etc and design for that persons.


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