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Graphic Design
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12 Responses to “Cheap Diazepam Online”

  1. Mike

    Hmmm. I don’t know. I guess these might be useful if I were designing Atari game covers…

  2. ZenBug

    Yeah, or making a site for a goth-metal band.

  3. liam

    Yeah I’m not sure I’m completely convinced by FontStruct, but I think you did well to pick out some good fonts, nice one.

  4. Tim

    Funny comments! Unfortunately, too many abstract fonts exist already.

  5. adelle

    nice picks - haven’t checked fontstruct out yet, will have to soon, although sounds like there are alot of limitations.

    adelle’s latest post: Typography is Sexy: Part 2

  6. Zinni

    Obviously the use of these fonts would have to contextually appropriate. I do find them interesting and creative though, and really do think they are the best of those available through fontstruct.

    My personal favorite is TFa BCode which I think is a really visually appealing font, regardless of its potential for use.

  7. Bob

    They seems to be of little use. Too narrow. More great free fonts can be had from

    have a look


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