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  1. Jacob Carter

    I’m still a student in college and I have multiple friends that have had amazing internship opportunities. As for myself, I was lucky enough to get a nice paying job close to my field so I don’t have to worry about hunting for internships.

    I’ve heard only great things from my friends about their time spent as interns. The term may sound derogatory but in the right business settings and companies the students really are pushed and excited about learning new things. I think that they are almost essential to college because a classroom can only teach you so much. There is a point when you have to break free from the theory, rules, and books that you’ve been learning and apply it in a different setting.

    As for the whole “fetching dry-cleaning” situation, I agree that this is a minority and that most professionals would not use interns for their personal objective. With that said, there may be times when an intern has to do a few things that are outside of their job description, but don’t we all have to do that from time to time?

  2. Jacob,

    I am glad to hear from you that the majority of your peers are finding their internship experiences to be positive ones. I agree that everyone has to do something outside of their job descriptions some time. This is especially true in small companies where employees must fill many hats. I personally do not believe this to be a bad thing, because in most situations those are the situations where I walk away learning the most (fetching coffee/dry cleaning would not fall into this category).

  3. My two internship experiences were good ones (18+ years ago). Each one was different. One as in-house and one with a design firm. Both gave me enough freedom to be creative. From these experiences I found that I much rather work in-house than in a design firm. Without this type of experience I wouldn’t really have known which to target for a position when I finished school. Both environments are completely different from the other.

    Internships are an important experience for creative students just like it is with other students in other industries such as Medicine, Engineering, Accounting, Legal, and etc.

    I think it is an excellent idea establishing criteria for good internship experiences for creative students. When students (and employers) are empowered with the knowledge of what a good internship is all about they then will reap the rewards of such internship experiences.

  4. pardon

    I held two internships in college: one in design and one in software development. Although I loathe development and have moved my career in an area of design far away from software development, the development internship was far superior.

    Both internships were structured much the same. I was placed on a team of professionals and I performed production-level tasks on many, many projects. I was also given an individual project, which I was to complete by myself over the course of the internship. At the end of the internship, I presented my individual project to the team.

    The only difference between the two internships was that the software development team involved me in discussion at all stages of the project lifecycle. This allowed me to see exactly where I fit in to the larger picture – the team, the division, the company, and the industry.

    After graduation, I took another internship with a print-based branding/marketing company. They left me just as much in the dark as my previous design internship. The chain of command precluded getting any insight into the marketing/branding process. I designed blind and followed orders.

    I’m wondering what it is about the design industry that creates such environments?

    Certainly it isn’t the workload – I was just as swamped at my software development internship as I am now as a senior designer. But my current company tries to be as transparent as possible. Almost everyone is involved in (or at least privy to) marketing, branding, copy writing decisions. This all makes me think that there are simply too many design professionals out there who take cues from the magician’s guild – share your secrets and you’r e out!

  5. Zinni


    I agree that being as transparent as possible is always a good idea. The more you know about how an organization functions the more you are able to see how the overall picture works and thus learn more about the industry in general. Thanks for the great comment, I have not even thought of that,

  6. I was one of those that never got a chance to do an internship. I unfortunately had to work 40 hrs a week while in school. No big deal..not a sob story. One thing that frustrated me about internship opportunities at my school was the fact they were only offered to students in their last semester. It was like the school was telling the rest of us we weren’t worthy. When in fact a handful of us were turning in superior work to upper level students. This may only have been my schools way of trying to get students closest to the job market a potential job but i think it was handled rather unfairly. If a school such as mine requires portfolio reviews each semester and ranks their students i think anyone regardless of completion status in the program should be able to gain the upper hand by partaking in an internship.

  7. Zinni

    Joshua, I think that is really weird that your school would only offer their resources to final semester students, I have never heard of that before. In your situation maybe finding an outside internship was not a possibility due to your need to work but that is what I would suggest to someone in your school. There is no reason you can’t take a position without using your schools resources. Even if you did not receive credit for it you probably would get paid and the experience and resume building would definitely be a good thing.


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