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  1. Zach LeBar

    This really hit close to home for me. I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard from people that I should maybe try pursuing a different career. People seem to have the misconception that since the advent of computer design software, anyone and everyone can be a designer, so it’s a flooded market. I personally don’t believe this at all.

    Any way, I think I’m digressing. Thanks for writing such an intriguing article.

  2. Sylvia

    Creativity is so important and schools often don’t pay enough attention to it. It’s important for keeping a society alive and creating independent thinkers. Here in Singapore they are recognizing that and they are slowly making changes to allow for more questions in class and creativity.

  3. Chris Hsiung

    Among my friends, I get a sense that many immigrant parents like my own want us to go into fields that are “valued” financially by society (typically doctor, lawyer, engineer). Unfortunately not all things that can be valued financially are important and not all things important are valued financially.

    What about the poets who challenge our views of life? Or the plays that tell us a piece of our history? Or all the things that have been designed for the marginalized and not the masses?

    Not to say engineering isn’t creative either. Being an engineer in my previous life, I find it highly creative. But focusing only on the engineers and technologists won’t get us out of the problem the world is in right now. It was that mentality that got us in trouble in the first place!

  4. Dustin

    Very often when I tell people what I do I hear “That sounds like a fun job” or “I thought about doing that.”

    My theory about why people don’t pursue a more creative career is societies misguided view of success. The theory of I have to make a lot of money to be happy and for others to think I’m a success. People don’t stop and think about what THEY want out of life. I elected to love what I’m doing over maybe not making a lot of money.

    What they don’t tell you in school is if you really love what you do and your not afraid to do it the best you can… you will probably end up make a lot of money anyway. There is a lot of evidence of this out there if look.

    Love what you do, don’t be afraid to try, and the feeling of success comes from your standards not from others.

  5. Lucy

    I think you make a valid point, people should follow their aims otherwise they will be disappointed. I think it is always going to be tough to break into what you want to do but if you want to be an actor or a graphic designer you should see it through.

  6. nick

    Great read and I completely agree. I got into graphic design because I knew I wanted to do something creative in life but I was aware of the fact that I wasn’t talented enough to make a living as a painter. Thankfully I came from a family that encouraged my pursuit all along.

  7. Bonnie

    I think that this is an intriguing commentary, and I agree with most of it very strongly. What I don’t agree with is limiting the idea of creativity to the arts. I think that people can demonstrate creativity in any human endeavor, so certainly there is creativity in science, mathematics, etc. (Please read the first chapter from the Root-Bernstein’s Sparks of Genius for an excellent argument.) However, I do agree that we should not dissuade people from the arts. Many longitudinal studies have shown that success comes from falling in love with something. So, if a young person finds something that truly motivates her, that is what she should pursue.

  8. Bonnie

    I absolutely agree with you creativity is necessary in all interests. However, typically creativity is taught in areas of the arts, persuading people not to study them would obviously have an impact on this… would you agree?

  9. J.Y.

    As a father of 3 kids, the oldest now almost 14, this definitely speaks to concerns I have. Note: You may wish to correct the typo in the last heading: “SUCCESS IS MORE OBTAINABLE (than) PEOPLE THINK”. No need to fuel the stereotype that visual thinkers can’t spell ;-P

  10. Zinni

    J.Y. I don’t think it is that we can’t spell, it is that we don’t like to proof read…

  11. Stewart Kirk

    I think too many people have never read Arthur Koestler’s Act of Creation, where he makes the powerful argument that all intellectual activity is in some way creative.

    Without creativity we would still be daubing ourselves in woad and wondering which bit of soil to defacate on. Human development is predicated on creativity, and to stifle creativity is an extremely unwise move. To channel your own children into specific careers is just another version of that old chestnut “If it was good enough for me, then its good enough for you”

  12. Possibility

    Parents want the best for their children, so they encourage a career that will bring financial security (and respect)while minimizing the risk of failure. My father wanted me to work in a factory with him (financial security/low risk of failure)instead of becoming a (shudder) actor. We settled on my becoming a High School Speech and Debate Coach (teachers make some money and are respected). I still act in the local community theater.
    Also, creativity is taught and occurs every day in our school system, however it is usually not pointed out that creativity is the subject. Write an essay…creativity. Solve a math problem…creativity. Stop the offense…creativity. Find some decent food…creativity. Make a friend…creativity.
    Teachers need to be taught how to teach so that every subject can be seen as important, valuable and creative.

  13. pro!creative

    I would like to see less creativity encouraged. All I see in my field are kids (college & under) who were told they could make a living as an artist when really they are crap. Teachers and parents are enabling these kids to take the easy route and we’re producing vast oceans of lame “designers” with zero talent. The only businesses profiting from this are design schools.

    PS I am starting a design school.



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