Order Soma Without A Prescription

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6 Responses to “Order Soma Without A Prescription”

  1. Ken Reynolds

    This seems like a really nice idea, it’s like a karma based investment plan. I hope they develop the idea well, and I wish you luck with your own project.

  2. Zinni


    Thanks for the encouragement, even if the Chicago Griddle Guide never reaches it’s goal, I agree that it is refreshing to see a site that does good based on the idea of karma.

  3. Sandra

    Thanks, I think this is a really good idea.

  4. Dani Nordin

    This sounds like an amazing idea! How do you get an invitation to post a project? I have an idea kicking around for a community-farm-based web project, and it could really use some funding.

  5. Zinni


    All I needed to do was email the site owners about my project, what I hoped to achieve, and I also told them which tools I would use to promote my project. I believe this is a really big thing, as projects don’t just fund themselves with Kickstarter, it takes work.

    best of luck!


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  • Ben Rama: shouldnt it be as simple as if it works it works in an ideal world great post – thanks
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