Ambien Over The Counter

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5 Responses to “Ambien Over The Counter”

  1. Sebastian

    Very inspiring. At least for me, that I’m a student of Graphic Design. Thank you!

  2. Brandon Morreale

    How do you manage to maintain a balance of profitable freelance design v unprofitable personal design?

  3. Zinni


    I can’t speak on behalf of Steven, however I personally use about 25% of my time for personal projects. I look at this time as professional development which makes it seem more justified and less like goofing off. Even though it may not seem like work because it is fun, it definitely is.

    I actually find it harder to keep my paying work from sucking all my fun time…

  4. Nick Healy

    I completely agree with this. This past year I started a personal project as a way to not only learn new things but also to keep myself creatively sane.

    The agency I work for is doing more and more insurance and corporate work that allows for very little creative freedom and I use the side project as a way to create whatever I want to.


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