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6 Responses to “Buy Strattera No Prescription”

  1. Richard Terris

    Nice blog.

    I agree with every single thing you’ve said, except the bottom bit: “It may not be our place to warn clients, however it is our responsibility to ask the right questions so that they can reach an informed decision on their own.”

    I think it IS our place to warn clients.

    There are ways to speak to people without them kicking you out their office or demanding your head on a stick, and if you handle it the right way, they will probably respect you all the more for your honesty.

    * Make sure they still feel in charge - Pitch your concerns in a direct manner, but don’t make them feel like you’re makiing a decision over them, or that their idea is stupid. Eg “This is a great idea, and i’m happy to get on board. Have you marketed for your customer base? Do you know how many people are going to use the community?”

    Make sure they know that you’re happy to do what they’re asking, but also they know about the costs.

    I do agree that allowing them to arrive at their own conclusion is the best way, but i hope no-one out there would just do it without saying anything.

    If the community fails, the client will assume (due to lack of knowledge) that its because of the design, or something the designer has done.

  2. Sarah

    This is great and informative article. Thanks

  3. Zinni


    I guess I was trying to get at the point that warning a client of the risks may be considered a conclict of interest to some people, however I think we have an ethical responibilitynto do so. Thank you for your amazing comment and insight.

  4. web templates package

    The blog is nice and the article is undoubtedly informative. The comment by Richard Terris is noteworthy. I did like the procedure of being honest without getting kicked off. Thanks.


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