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  1. Geoff

    The best (only?) easy to navigate and genuinely useful website I’ve found for my older kid (5 now) is Starfall.com. It’s not overly modern, but has lots of good content to help kids with letters and reading. Wish I could find more at the same quality level.

  2. bloggiedoggie

    Another good site designed for Preschoolers is Ziggity Zoom. This is a relatively new site but they seem to combine both Fun & Educational activities quite well.

  3. jeremy

    We have designed a site for preschoolers and had a ton of discussion and research around the design and usability of the site. One thing we found in our research was that children (that could read) often successfully navigated sites like Amazon.com because the information is just laid out with simplicity.

    I’d like to hear what the people think of our site for preschoolers.

  4. Zinni


    I would definitely say your site is quite amazing, I would be extremely proud to have such a high quality piece in my portfolio especially when compared to competitors. Great work, and I am glad that your research reinforces my personal beliefs / experience about designing for children.

  5. J. Jeffryes

    Can you share some examples of the bad design you mentioned?

    J. Jeffryes’s latest post: This is Why You Hire a Designer

  6. M Reuvecamp


    I have been researching Pre School sites, and educational sites for a fair while now, and would have to agree with Zinni that your site is very clean, well laid out and simply wonderful.

    I guess that the one thing that I have been struggling with is that we have been designing the site as a educational resource (as in a teaching resource) as opposed to a site simply that supports a TV show. The structure has to be quite different in that regard them to be able to get all the information to the audience in a logical and clean manner while still adhering to educational standards.

    Another one I looked at was the national georgraphic’s educational website. Which is quite busy but still manages to portray videos quite well. The problem arises when you are trying to convey multiple layers of navigation to children.

    Another issue that many of these sites do not consider is that not everyone has the lastest version of flash, and that consideration still needs to be given to audiences that are not up to the everyday web designer or graphic designer of today. Believe it or not, Dial Up is still being used as the norm in certain countries, which greatly affects how a site is built. This is probably not the case in North American or Europe but it still needs to be a consideration.

    Any comments people have in regards to this?

  7. Zinni

    M Reuvencamp,

    I agree with your assessment that not everyone has the latest version of flash, especially when thinking about learning institutions and lower income school districts. There are a large number of technical restraints including monitor resolutions that need to be carefully considered prior to starting a design.

    I also understand how portraying multiple layers of navigation can be a problem for children. I think the best solution to that is to just make everything as simple as possible. Maybe some form of visual breadcrumb could also be effective?

    Thanks for your great comment!

  8. jeremy

    Thank you all for the great feedback, since I live in a bubble it’s good to hear what outsiders think. Another thing that we found when studying this demographic, which by the way, a lot of our research came from the Kids Usability Report from the NN Group, was that yes kids are using older hand-me-down computers but also that their computer experience thus far has probably been with interactive cd’s and games that will usually take over the entire screen. It was a conscientious decision for us not to go that route but worth considering, especially for a more educational site.

    Lastly, sites that made cooky and ‘fun’ navigation often lost the users (either kids or parents). Making the navigation simple and getting the content to the user is always key. I have the benefit of having 3 kids ages 11, 3 and 11 mos to help test things out. I’m really surprised at my 3 yr old’s ability to navigate through YouTube.com (thumbnail + click + watch + repeat) :)

  9. Zinni


    I know exactly what you mean about working in a bubble. Thanks for all the great information you have shared, and for telling me about the Kids Usability Report, I have been looking for something like it.

  10. MReuvecamp

    Thanks for the reply guys.

    Jeremy your feedback was really great, as was telling us about the research! Will have to have a look at that and possibly purchase it!

    Ultimately I think we will end up stripping the navigation back to bare necessities and using a basic ‘step by step’ progress so that the child is simply guided to the next stage instead of providing them the options. I love how in AGkidzone there is a simple next and previous smaller video on either side of the main video, so effortless (and the idea I guess) and simple to just go to the next or previous film without searching.

    Potentially thinking of doing a similar idea, but including a progress bar so that the student can ‘jump’ to 10 / 20 videos to a certain stage if necessary. While making sure not to complicate it!

    Thanks for all the help and feedback guys, this post was golden!

  11. Pinkpetrol.com

    Great tips, something of these were touched upon when a 60year old consultant wanted to the do the design for a 13-18s website!!!!! i think he was thinking of changing his name to comic sans at on point.


  12. Mabel

    you only show sample of pre-k to 3 sites. What about older kids?

  13. Madjick

    When I saw the title and started to read the article, first thing I thought of was “Sesame street” and then I saw it as one of the good examples at the bottom of the article. My son is 3 yrs old and he doesn’t speak english (we’re from Poland) but thanks to the easy and intuitive navigation he always finds whatever he wants. That gave me a thought that the best test for a kids site is to put a couple of children (in different age) in front of the computer and see how they react. In my opinion the feedback from children, not us old farts would be the best way to describe if the site is good or not.



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