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  1. jitendra

    You have a very good site.I love It.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. Anonymous

    Really, I still haven’t figured out what Web 2.0 actually is (and as far as I know, I’m not the only one). There’s nothing “2.0” about these sites; they simply showcase a natural, gradual evolution of a bunch of techniques that are (nicely) blended together. Nothing more, nothing less. Stop hyping it.

  3. Zinni


    according to Wikipedia, Web 2.0 is defined as:

    Web 2.0 is a term describing the trend in the use of World Wide Web technology and web design that aims to enhance creativity, information sharing, and, most notably, collaboration among users.

    I would focus on the collaboration amongst users personally. Web 2.0 is not a bad thing, the false marketing buzz around it is. I do not see this post as using buzz to drive interest. Instead it is because I hate the buzzword nature of “web 2.0” within the design profession that I created this series. Also, I do not believe that I have hyped anything here, I just have just critiqued these designs and praised them for their ability to be different than the rest of their competitors.

  4. Lil

    When people say web 2.0 I have to figure out whether they mean concept and community or Arial sporting, gradient whoring, oddly glossed websites with the dodgiest reflections ever conceived. The latter needs to die, please.

    Out of these, the new WordPress theme and Threadless are probably my favourites. Cake PHP looks like a cartoon Fluther to me.

  5. Zinni


    Don’t you mean Arial Rounded?

  6. Lindsey

    I don’t know, but WordPress, CakePHP and Skype all follow several “web 2.0” design principles. Bright colors, lots of blues, structures AND pretty, vector graphics, etc. Not to say those things definitely make something “web 2.0” or not, but these are common things you see in “web 2.0” sites.

    And when can we stop calling it web 2.0? I hate that term. It’s such a stupid catchphrase and makes me cringe, same as “dot com” (appended with either boom or bubble) did in the 90s.

    Lindsey’s latest post: What could you do better as a web developer?

  7. liam

    Sweet, can’t believe I missed this post - They really are a nice collection & great style. Love WordPress & Zune’s designs the most. Thanks.

    liam’s latest post: Link Love: Entrepreneurship

  8. Andrew

    Like was said above, most of these sites are not Web 2.0. The term is very over used. The core of Web 2.0 is that the content is user-generated, it is social. I think threadless would be the only actual Web 2.0 site on here. What bothers me the most is when people attribute Web 2.0 to graphics. Lindsey was right, it is more a style that is often found on web 2.0 sites.



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