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  1. Mike D

    Ya know, there’s a reason you hear phrases like “starving artist”. Nobody has ever heard the phrase “starving lawyer” or “starving CEO”.

    If you’re going to enter shitty Sitepoint and 99design contests, why bother leaning design at all? Why bother going to school for design and fine art? Why spend the money on the materials and take the time to learn the software and spend the hours and hours honing your skills if it will all be lost on some crappy contest that pays a few hundred bucks? Save yourself the time, money and frustration by getting a job at McDonald’s instead. Hey, at least you’ll be able to feed yourself.

    These contests and spec work read like a bad business proposal. Any lawyer or CEO would turn shit like that down in a second. That is the difference between the artist and the lawyer or CEO. As long as you continue to perpetuate that difference, you will be on the bottom of the foodchain.

    You can retain a lawyer for several thousand dollars to help you with criminal charges. He may, for an additional hourly fee, represent you at trial. You may still get convicted and sent to jail. The lawyer will still bill you for his services, as he should. If you told your lawyer that you would only pay him if you didn’t go to jail, he would laugh in your face and throw you out of his office. Take a hint, be like the lawyer, not like the starving artist.

  2. Gale

    Thank you for sharing! You are one hundred percent right!
    I have the same mixed feeling about Google Ads. The moment you add Google Ads to your web site, it looses its personality. Do you really make money with Google Ads? Nop!

  3. Zinni


    Adsense can make a site loose personality, however it depends on how they are treated and whether you are just looking to make money on the site. That is why I only run one adsense block on this site, and I do not place them within the content of the site. However that being said, I have been able to make money off the ads, however it is very little and only really allows me to sustain and evolve the site.



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