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  1. chris rhee

    Thanks for including our site in the list. Yeah, I guess Barack Obama has an okay website, too. =D

  2. joyoge designers' bookmark

    nice list thanks..

  3. cssProdigy

    I like whitehouse.gov

  4. Jonas

    Whitehouse.gov is all over the blogs…since weeks. It definitely rocked.

  5. Lucinda - eightyone design

    Nice list! Like whitehouse.gov and Glamping - who knew camping could be so glamourous!

  6. Jason Sadler

    Thanks for including me on the list, in good company for sure!

  7. Webdesigner Depot

    Go Glamping and Creative Depart were my favourites on that list. Thank you!

  8. Dan Panozzo

    I had heard about whitehouse.gov. Nice to see that it actually made a top list.

  9. Garri

    Thank you for including Go Glamping on your list, I’m really chuffed!

    All credit must go to Arne Bellstorf who did a wonderful job with the header.

  10. Web design

    I just recently discovered your Blog and appreciate you sharing your bout with Web Design with the world. but this site also search best knowledge Web Design.

  11. BenSky

    Great collection, whitehouse and candy are my favs! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Mustafa Hajjar

    thank you for this collection, i liked Candy Bouquet the most.

  13. whitehouse.gov hahahahahahahaha.

  14. BAE

    Nice website :-) .


  1. The week in links 06/02/09 - Craig Baldwin's Blog



  • Koocha: Thanks for that. Also, feel free to browse my new site http://koocha.com with lots of design stuff collected from Internet
  • Paul Gordon: Aaah, I love KickStarter projects. I’m hoping they come over to the UK very soon. Nick, the very best of luck with...
  • Firma Rehberi: thanks for this.
  • James Kemp: In the end, everything thing is designed. Plain things are still designed, but with usability in mind. The two bounce off...
  • Joshua: Being more of a graphic designer than a web designer, I think I can agree with the concept here. I do a lot of web layout mockups...
  • estudio web: Muy buen blog de diseño! great blog! thanks from Argentina.
  • theComplex: @Lisa – I have the same issue. And sometimes I get so caught up in how irritated I am at that client that the...
  • Daus: I don’t think there is “rules” in webdesign. It is just trend, and people (read: designer) often...
  • Web Design Australia: Forcing yourself to work on something when you’re stressed won’t give you the results that you want....
  • Benny: Great post and good tips! I also have this problem from time to time, having trouble finding that perfect ‘inspiratio...
  • Luci: Conventions and standards, in my mind, are different kettles of fish. Standards, like coding standards, I think exist for good...
  • Tom Hermans: Although I want a website to be visually appealing, and to stand out etc.. I also want it to be a handy instrument that is...
  • Vim: This list is always a good tip however its something that most designers already know, finding inspiration can be hard, but to get...
  • LA Woodarts Designer: An excellent reminder to step back sometimes. It’s amazing how often the business part blocks the creative....
  • Ben Rama: shouldnt it be as simple as if it works it works in an ideal world great post – thanks
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