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Graphic Design
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19 Responses to “Buy Crestor No Prescription”

  1. oscar

    sorry, not an impressive collection.

  2. Bart-Jan Verhoef

    There’s certainly a few very nice ones in your list,I especially like the Viget site. I´ve seen their (regular?) site before, but missed this /inspire site.

    Thanks for the mention by the way :) .

  3. liam

    I disagree with oscar - A very good collection here, Viget Inspire, Mike Poss & Bart Jan Verhoef’s sites stand out the most. Although I don’t think I like the term grunge, because I feel that these are better than grunge, there is structure and substance to these kind of sites. I think a new work needs to be invented for this style, becuase grunge makes it sound too messy/random, when in fact they are far from that.

    Thats my thoughts!

  4. liam

    “I think a new word”

    Thats what I meant :)

  5. Joram Oudenaarde

    I really love the site made by Bart Jan Verhoef… it’s so simple, but it’s so incredibly well done! They’re not all my favourites when it comes to being “amazing website designs”, but certainly not bad at all. And most definately “different” :)

    Pretty nice collection imho ;)

  6. Zinni

    I don’t think I like the term grunge, because I feel that these are better than grunge, there is structure and substance to these kind of sites.


    I agree that grunge may not be the best term for the sites that I have listed here, I only use the term because that is what is being thrown around to describe this aesthetic. I owever Have picked sites like Viget Inspire, Mike Poss & Bart Jan Verhoef’s because they are atypical for the “style.” Thank you once again for posting, I appreciate your support.

    sorry, not an impressive collection.

    Oscar, I am sorry that you feel that way, however I think there is a lot to be said for the quality of each of these sites listed here, whether aesthetic or implementation. The work that goes into sites of this caliber are amazing in my mind… I hope that you come to understand what I mean.

  7. tripdragon

    they all look the same. Boxes everywhere!

  8. Doug Avery

    Thanks for the mention (Inspire)! I’m a big fan of the crazy AIGA LA and the Bart-Jan design.

  9. NLemon

    Some of these are really very cool, I will, however, have to disagree with Regardless of the content, the three gradient bleeding cowboy font is literally painful to look at. I think that abomination of typography immediately negates any of the site’s aesthetic. Unfortunately the rest is rather good but I can’t get away from that terrible logo.

  10. Thomas GT

    Hi, thanks for great post. I really like all examples. I also did a submission to digg:


  11. A big thanks for including our site to the list!

  12. Martin

    Hello Anthony,
    you made my day! :-) We designed Mike Poss exactly with the idea of making something different compared to all those template-style glossy web 2.0 sites while having web standards in mind.

    It is great that this idea was recognized and described so quickly!

    Best regards from Czech republic,



  13. Martin

    To Glen: Your work is totally amazing! Aren’t you guys looking for some external webdesigners? :-) )) Would be great honor to work for you. In case you were at least a little interested in our recet work, just send me an email.

    Martin :-)

  14. Ole Martin Kristiansen

    Great collection. Bart Jan Verhoef and Concentric Studio are my favourites. They are so thoroughly designed, not just the front page but the rest of the site as well.

  15. Top Software Development Company India

    this site look is really good and design to total interested

  16. sumit

    interesting and inspiring designs


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